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Date and time: Coming Soon


Location: Online Zoom + Classroom

SCA Member's Package

Together with Singapore Chefs Association (SCA), CAW Academy launches this special bundle for SCA members consisting of contents from the various signature courses. These courses provide essential insights to students and prepare them with the all-rounded knowledge of the F&B Business.

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SCA Member's Package
SCA Member's Package

Time & Location

Date and time: Coming Soon

Location: Online Zoom + Classroom

About the Course

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To succeed in the competitive F&B market takes knowledge, planning and careful calculations. This program details the 7 steps in setting up an F&B business, giving attendees a broad and deep understanding of this unique industry, its opportunities, pitfalls, and navigation strategies.Industry veterans will share on planning and application on the seven steps leading up to an operational F&B and Hospitality business:

  1. Concept Development
  2. Brand Creation
  3. Design, Build & Installation
  4. Menu Engineering
  5. Hygiene Systems
  6. Technology Implementation
  7. Staffing & Training

PART 01 – Introduction, Concept Development, Brand Creation

Participants will be given an introduction to the nature of Singapore’s F&B and Hospitality sectors, the broad types of businesses within, and its potential and volatility. Concept Development and Brand Creation will be explored and discussed in detail, with attendees given hands-on planning exercises in developing their own F&B concept.

The Brand Creation exercise will take participants through a pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase experience exercise, and giving them the chance to creating their logo, tagline and brand touchpoints.


PART 02 – Design, Build & Installation, Menu Engineering

Part 02 will unveil the behind-the-scene work planning behind the design and construction phase of an F&B outlet. Liaison work between the different parties; landlord, mall management teams, contractors, independent vendors, will be discussed at length. The different licenses for each phase of work will also be highlighted.

Menu Engineering will equip attendees with the science behind designing a menu to represent the proposed F&B concept. Food costing, ingredient supply chain, and kitchen equipment, will be discussed alongside space planning and workflow considerations.

PART 03 – Hygiene Systems, Technology Implementation, Staffing & Training

Participants will gain an understanding of professional hygiene systems, the importance of hygiene in food production facilities, and the governing laws and guidelines. Technology Implementation through tools, POS systems will be discussed, and Staffing & Training will equip participants with an understanding of manpower requirements in an F&B outlet.

PART 04 – Summary Exercise, Q&A

Attendees will undertake a Summary Exercise comprising of the seven steps imparted in Part 01 – Part 03. 

A Q&A will be conducted to facilitate sharing and closure.


Edwin Phua

Director of Chef At Work Singapore 

Edwin is the Founder and Business strategist of Chef At Work Pte Ltd, a F&B turnkey Business Solutions firm that devotes itself to helping new restaurantpreneurs and mature businesses alike take their business to the next peak. His clientele span from various local and international hotel chains, Mix trade development property, business expansion and to franchises with global footprints. All these, yet not forgetting Edwin’s passion to help new entrepreneurs set up their new restaurants which is supported with a great team. Under his leadership, the company has created different entities under CAW: Ace Design Workshop, Tsalach Horeca, CAW Academy, Managing Partner of Vietnam and Malaysia offices and appointed board members. 



Branding has long been known to improve business patronage. Discover the unique power of F&B branding and design, and how food brands capitalise on this to generate queues day after day, month after month. Hear from different industry practitioners and gain cross-discipline knowledge and strategies. This course is designed to cut through the marketing jargon and deliver brand understanding simply and effectively.

You will also study the wealth-creating power of franchising is well documented all around the world. Discover the inner workings of a franchise system, its 3-step process and how franchise systems function in different countries.


PART 01 – Origins of Branding & The Modern Brand

The history of branding is presented, with a brief look at its changes through time. The modern understanding of the brand is presented with a focus on how businesses grow their brands at different phases.

PART 02 – Power of Branding I – Culture, Storytelling & Design

The power of branding is examined in the context of F&B businesses. Storytelling, brand success, authenticity and culture, these four are presented in conjunction with the discipline of design.

PART 03 – Power of Branding II – Your Customer’s Experience

Moving beyond logos and graphics, the customer journey is mapped and detailed, with clear links shown between F&B brand values, culture and the actual customer experience.

PART 04 – Your Brand in The Market Place

How can a brand navigate its way in the F&B marketplace, social media, customer voices and potential copycats - all-powerful agents of disruption? Learn useful skills and strategies in making these factors work for your brand.


PART 05 – Origins of Franchising & Applications

A brief history of franchising is presented and discussed, with a focus on global and regional F&B brands. The three types of franchises – Single, Area, and Master, will be discussed in detail.

PART 06 – Phases of Franchise Development I

The three phases of setting up a franchise system are presented – 1. Brand Assets, 2. System Documentation, 3. Legal Process. The purpose and functions of each phase are explained using F&B business examples alongside a working timeline.

PART 07 – Phases of Franchise Development II

The three phases of setting up a franchise system are further reviewed, with a breakdown of the professional skills required at each phase.

PART 08 – Franchise Sales in Singapore & Beyond

How are Franchise Systems sold in Singapore, Asia and beyond? What if my franchisee starts selling other products? These questions and more will be covered during a comprehensive Franchise Q&A.

PART 09 – Franchising Laws and Intellectual Properties

Franchising and licensing are ways to scale a business locally and/or internationally once it is proven successful and viable. Licensing of IP rights are at the heart of a franchise contract. Learn how you can create a successful franchising or licensing model where you may derive maximum benefits from identifying all the IP owned by your company; determining the strength and coverage of those assets; filling in any gaps in coverage; and, finally, monetising those assets.



Frederick Tan

Founder and Lead Consultant of FT Synergist

Frederick is a Singapore Certified Management Consultant approved by Enterprise Singapore to help SMEs upskill with the support of enterprise development grant. He holds a Masters in Organisational Leadership and as a Specialist Diploma in Franchise and Enterprise Management. He has more than 23 years of working experiences including 8 years in Singapore Exchange performing complex interest rates swap as well as 13 years as the managing director of Adam Khoo Learning Centre where he spearheaded the development of the Adam Khoo Learning Centre Brand and developed extensive experiences managing a multinational, diverse team of over 100 franchisees, trainers and operational staffs.

Samuel Seow 

Business Lawyer 

Samuel’s legal expertise is in the field of intellectual property law; media law; and general commercial and corporate law, and he has extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of transactions, with a special focus on the application of these laws to the entertainment, arts and media industries.The Asia-Pacific Legal 500 has ranked Samuel as a "significant individual" in the fields of Intellectual Property law and Media law. Asian Legal Business has described him as a "mover and shaked'; and he has also been dubbed the "celebrity lawyer" of Singapore. He has also been named one of the Top 100 lawyers in Singapore.



Entrepreneurship can be a daunting experience. Hear from F&B industry experts and actual entrepreneurs the mindset, skillset and knowledge required to undertake to establish an F&B business.


PART 01 – Vision, Passion, Resilience, Flexibility, Motivation

The five classic traits of successful entrepreneurs are examined in the context of setting up businesses in the Singapore F&B industry. Real case studies, successes and failures of local F&B sector will be shared.

PART 02 – Mentorship, Homecoming Speakers

The benefits of mentoring will be discussed in detail, with real testimonies and sharing. A Homecoming Speaker segment will see local entrepreneurs talk about their personal entrepreneurship journey in the F&B industry.


Facilitated by Chef At Work Singapore, the F&B Entrepreneurship class expects invited F&B owners, who will be sharing topics on investment, branding and creation of a successful business model.

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