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CAW Academy Classroom

Food Service Menu Reengineering with Basic Food Styling (FC3)

Menu reengineering is a business strategy and systematic process for building a powerful menu. In essence, it involves the analysis and redesign of your menu to increase sales and profits, drive operational efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Food Service Menu Reengineering with Basic Food Styling (FC3)
Food Service Menu Reengineering with Basic Food Styling (FC3)

Time & Location

Time is TBD

CAW Academy Classroom

About the Course

Course Objective 

How do you Design your Restaurant Menu for Maximum Profitability?

Food presentation, delicious taste and the right portions are vital to attracting diners. Take on this course to learn the essential aspects of fine-tuning dishes, from the ingredients, proportion, seasoning, preparation methodology, to portion sizing, garnishing and presentation for your offerings.

Besides that, the course covers a rigorous process involving menu planning, calculating recipe costing and teaching you how to conduct food tasting sessions to deliver the best menu lineup.

By the end of this course, attendees will learn how to: 

  • Measure the profitability of each dish 
  • Plot a product mix strategy that maximises profitability 
  • Calculate and measure their contribution margin to the golden ratio
  • Create a feedback loop with the operations team 
  • Craft an effective menu description 
  • Present an attractive dish that will help to increase sales 

Course Duration

3 Days of 7 Hours Each (Total 21 Hours)

Daily Schedule 9.30 am - 5 pm (Inclusive of breaks)

Course Level

Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians.

All courses and materials are delivered in English.

Who Should Attend 

Aspiring F&B Entrepreneurs, SME Business Owners

Program Information 

PART 01 - Menu Reengineering

attendees will be walked through a menu reengineering exercise based on a new or existing concept. Through this process, attendees will learn how they can measure Profitability & Popularity. They will learn the process of calculating the Contribution Margin or Individual Item Profit with the set selling price and item cost. 

PART 02 - Categorize Your Menu Items 

In this section, attendees will be taught how they can maximise profitability through plotting different product mix with a menu engineering matrix. 

PART 03 - Crafting Beautiful Menu Descriptions

Words and descriptions on menu are important as it gives your customers a better idea of what they will be getting. They will also need to be intrigued enough by your menu to order. In this section, attendees will learn how to pair sensory words, ingredients into compelling menu descriptions. 

PART 04 - Involving your Staff and Analyse 

In this section, attendees will learn the different ways of how they can measure the success of the new menu as well as how a feedback loop created from the ground service and kitchen staffs are also important factors in menu reengineering. 

PART 05 - Food Styling 

Paired with the menu reengineering segment of a new menu, this course extends to how the new dish can be styled and presented in its best form to maximise order rate. attendees will learn how colours, layers, composition and height can increase the aesthetic of the new menu item. 


Course assessment will be based on classroom exercises, case studies and attendance rate.

Course Fee (includes course materials)

Non-member: $1,250

NTUC / Singapore Chefs' Association Member: $950

For NTUC Members aged <40 with UTAP: $700

For NTUC Members aged ≥ 40 with UTAP: $475

Membership, UTAP and Promotion details: 

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