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CAW Academy Classroom

Build Your F&B Business in 7 Steps (FC1)

To succeed in the competitive F&B market takes knowledge, planning and careful calculations. This program details the 7 steps in setting up an F&B business, giving attendees a broad and deep understanding of this unique industry, its opportunities, pitfalls, and navigation strategies.

Build Your F&B Business in 7 Steps (FC1)
Build Your F&B Business in 7 Steps (FC1)

Time & Location

Time is TBD

CAW Academy Classroom

About the Course

Course Objective 

Industry veterans will share on planning and application on the seven steps leading up to an operational F&B and Hospitality business:

  1. Concept Development 
  2. Brand Creation
  3. Design, Build & Installation 
  4. Menu Engineering 
  5. Hygiene Systems 
  6. Technology Implementation 
  7. Staffing & Training 

By the end of this course, attendees will learn how to: 

  • Create all essential aspects of a brand from the ground up
  • Understand the backend design and construction phase of a location 
  • Design a profitable menu based on the brand's concept
  • Space planning a workspace that takes close consideration of workflow and kitchen ergonomics
  • Introduce professional hygiene systems in the workplace 
  • Execute an effective staff training 

Course Duration

3 Days of 7 Hours Each (Total 21 Hours)

Daily Schedule 9.30 am - 5 pm (Inclusive of breaks)

Course Level 

Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians.

All courses and materials are delivered in English. 

Who Should Attend 

Aspiring F&B Entrepreneurs, SME Business Owners, Career Switchers, F&B Investors.

Program Information 

Part 01 – Introduction, Concept Development, Brand Creation

Participants will be given an introduction to the nature of Singapore’s F&B and Hospitality sectors, the broad types of businesses within, and its potential and volatility.

Concept Development and Brand Creation will be explored and discussed in detail, with attendees given hands-on planning exercises in developing their own F&B concept.

The Brand Creation exercise will take participants through a pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase experience exercise, and giving them the chance to create their logo, tagline and brand touchpoints.

Part 02 – Design, Build & Installation, Menu Engineering

Part 02 will unveil the behind-the-scene work planning behind the design and construction phase of an F&B outlet. Liaison work between the different parties; landlord, mall management teams, contractors, independent vendors, will be discussed at length. The different licenses for each phase of work will also be highlighted.

Menu Engineering will equip attendees with the science behind designing a menu to represent the proposed F&B concept. Food costing, ingredient supply chain, and kitchen equipment, will be discussed alongside space planning and workflow considerations.

Part 03 – Hygiene Systems, Technology Implementation, Staffing & Training

Participants will gain an understanding of professional hygiene systems, the importance of hygiene in food production facilities, and the governing laws and guidelines. 

Technology Implementation through tools, POS systems will be discussed, and Staffing & Training will equip participants with an understanding of manpower requirements in an F&B outlet.

Part 04 – Summary Exercise, Q&A

Attendees will undertake a Summary Exercise comprising of the seven steps imparted and a Q&A will be conducted to facilitate sharing and closure.


Course assessment will be based on classroom exercises, case studies and attendance rate.

Course Fee (includes course materials)

Non-member: $1,500 

NTUC / Singapore Chefs' Association Members: $650 

For NTUC Members aged <40 with UTAP: $400

For NTUC Members aged ≥ 40 with UTAP: $325

Membership, UTAP and Promotion details: 

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