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to be a centre of excellence for lifelong learning in hospitality, to contribute to the development of the industry and to promote leadership development in the hospitality sector.

F&B Continuing Professional Learning Programmes

CAW Academy offers specialised F&B continuing professional education programmes for adult learners. Our online lessons and classroom 3-day courses cover specialised topics such as F&B entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights, franchising systems, and are taught by experienced industry practitioners.


Suitable for newcomers, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors discover how learning at CAW Academy gives you an edge in the competitive and challenging F&B landscape.

Why CAW Academy? 

Lifelong Learning

New skills unlock new opportunities. Through CAW Academy programmes, SMEs and rank-and-file staff acquire useful everyday skills and knowledge that benefit their personal development and increase the value-add they bring to their organisations.


Personal Development

Continuing education improves job performance and new skills, professional knowledge and thinking systems. CAW Academy provides working professionals with insights on market issues, industry-specific trends through its range on F&B, hospitality-centred programmes.


Knowledge Growth

Due diligence is necessary when growing businesses and making investments into F&B Hospitality sectors. Business owners and leaders can gain from CAW Academy programmes that deliver C-level knowledge to fresh insights from industry practitioners.  

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Informational Resources and Releases

Professional Courses

Full F&B Professional Courses

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (FC6)
    Time is TBD
    CAW Academy Classroom
    The explosive growth in today’s digital landscape unlocks exciting opportunities for F&B businesses in Singapore. The possibilities are endless. Yet it is also easy to get lost. Where is the best place to start, then?
  • Advance Food Styling and Photography (FC4)
    Time is TBD
    CAW Academy Classroom
    Food Styling is the art of arranging food to look attractive for professional photographs or broadcast. In the Food Styling context, visual appeal heightens one's dining experience. This experience can only be made possible when the food looks visually appealing and shouts "Come, eat me! Eat me!"
  • Build Your F&B Business in 7 Steps (FC1)
    Time is TBD
    CAW Academy Classroom
    To succeed in the competitive F&B market takes knowledge, planning and careful calculations. This program details the 7 steps in setting up an F&B business, giving attendees a broad and deep understanding of this unique industry, its opportunities, pitfalls, and navigation strategies.
  • The Importance of Branding, Franchising and Licensing (FC2)
    Time is TBD
    CAW Academy Classroom
    Branding has long been known to improve business patronage. Discover the unique power of F&B branding and design, and how food brands capitalise on this to generate queues day after day, month after month. Hear from different industry practitioners and gain cross-discipline knowledge and strategies.
  • Food Service Menu Reengineering with Basic Food Styling (FC3)
    Time is TBD
    CAW Academy Classroom
    Menu reengineering is a business strategy and systematic process for building a powerful menu. In essence, it involves the analysis and redesign of your menu to increase sales and profits, drive operational efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Professional F&B Entrepreneurship (FC5)
    Time is TBD
    CAW Academy Classroom
    Entrepreneurship can be a daunting experience. Covered by F&B industry experts and actual entrepreneurs, this course uncover all the important aspects of what it takes to launch an F&B Business.

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Together we contribute to industry growth and promote leadership development

in the F&B, hospitality sector.

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